Monday, December 31, 2007

Free herb jars

Got mayo, got herb jars. Well call me cheap. I needed a new set of containers for my herbs and spices but when i went out to look for some the prices gave me sticker shock.
For years i have been saving mayo jars for screws, nuts, bolts and such, then it hit me, they are even more perfect for herbs and spices. At first i was annoyed when the mayo jars switched from glass to plastic but after dropping a few i realized that they were even more perfect, food grade plastic and unbreakable. Although the smaller jars of mayo are somewhat more expensive, they are the perfect size to hold a good amount of herbs that can be used up before becoming stale.
Once you have your empty jars, design and print up some labels, tape them on with a clear plastic tape wider than the label so that they clean up easily and you are in business....a matched set of herb jars and the price is right!!


Indiana Jen said...

I like the idea of recycling jars and wash my glass jars out all the time. The labels are often sticky so i soak them in dishwasher detergent for a while and they come right off. Some end up in Hugo's woodworking shop but most are dedicated to store the honey from our bee hive.

But, unlike you I much prefer glass jars to plastic. Who drops jars anyway?


Superberri said...

Cheap or just insanely practical?
BTW, Your labels are almost some graphics of each herb to add under the name!!!! (Okay, maybe it shouldn't matter).

jj said...

Say, this is a very good idea, thanks! I, too have been looking around for a solution to storing my herbs and my spices, too. Thanks! Everything I see in shops just isn't "quite right". Now to just find a place to store them in my cupboards.

And to indiana jen -- gosh, I always drop jars! LOL! (Just a born clutz, I guess)

Vicky (victoria sponge) said...

Following your comments on my blog I popped by to see who you are, there are no recent posts for me to comment on, so I apologise for leaving this here. You questioned me on the smoked pancetta I used, I have replied on my blog. The curing process is completely different to that of bacon, the difference with the pancetta I used is that it has been smoked on top of beechwood chips as an extra process. I understand that traditionally pancetta isn't smoked, but smoked pancetta is sold readily in the UK.