Friday, December 14, 2007



Lagostinas are one of the several types of South American lobsters. I cannot imagine that these critters have many, if any natural enemies. They are totally covered with killer sharp spines. There is meat inside the small claws, but it can be painful to break them open as only your fingers seem able to do the job. The sweet mother load inside the body is a bit easier to get to. Break off the head then grab the tail in the middle and break in half by snapping the tail segments apart side to side. One kilo of lagostinas barely feeds two people. Steam and eat just like their northern cousins.


superberri said...

Ah, so it's no surprise that some form of shrimp/lobster creature is available anywhere on earth where the sea is nearby. A recipe adaptable to a similar creature no matter where you dwell. Although, I admit, I hate to fight the shells.

Your recipes are great. I'd like to see you include some of the fruits that you didn't see stateside (hmmm...a mystery-fruit granola?, Duck a la Rio fruit?).

Necessity is that famous mother of invention, so I look forward to you stretching your culinary imagination even further!

Anonymous said...

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